Mountaintop Hose Company #1

The Mountaintop Hose Company No. 1 was founded in 1939 and initially provided fire protection to the entire Mountaintop area. Today, the fire company is the primary emergency services provider for Fairview Township and provides mutual aid assistance to the neighboring fire companies in Mountaintop.

The fire company is located at 14 Woodlawn Avenue, at the intersection of Lehigh Street.  The over two acre setting houses the firehouse building and permanent outdoor bazaar facility.  The firehouse, dedicated to 1975 was completely renovated in 2014/2015 and is a focal point in the community.

The fire company maintains a modern fleet of firefighting vehicles.  There are two 1750 GPM pumpers, a heavy duty rescue and a utility truck.  The roster includes 30 plus active firefighters and another 15 plus associate members that assist in the operations of the fire company.

The fire company is primarily funded by its Annual Fund Drive, Annual Bazaar and annual contribution from Fairview Township.

The current officers for the Mountaintop Hose Company No. 1 are as follows:

Dave Hourigan–President
Phil Holbrook–Vice President
Bill Aigeldinger–Secretary
Shawn Prohaska–Treasurer
Tim McGinnis–Trustee
Mike Herron–Trustee
Doug Guignet–Trustee
Peter J. Kohl–Fire Chief
Todd Wagaman–1st Assistant Chief
Josh Antosh–2nd Assistant Chief
John Yazwinsky–Captain
Steve Taylor–Captain

Contact Information:

Telephone:  (570) 474-6749
Web Address: