Contact Us

Abby Wasiakowski, Secretary/Treasurer

Email:  (

Office Hours:   Monday – Friday  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Except Holidays)

Carl Alber, Zoning Officer/Code Official

Email:  (

Office Hours:   Friday 10:00 AM to  2:00 PM. Evenings by appointment

Fairview Township Municipal Building

65 Shady Tree Drive

Mountain Top, PA 18707

Phone Number   570-474-9676

Fax Number  570-474-2767


We are accepting registration forms for kids 5-12 years of age. First kid is $100, all others are $125 each. Cash or check is accepted. Make checks payable to Fairview Twp. We will be accepting the forms until Friday, June 7th. 

Camp will start Monday, June 17th at 10 am. Camp is Monday thru Friday 10 am to 4 pm. You must sign your child(s) in and out of camp. Please do not be late in picking your child(s) up. 

**If for any reason, your child(s) are acting up, too hard to handle or won’t listen to the counselors/director, we will ask that your child(s) no longer returns and will refund your money.**