Zoning Office Change


Due to the ongoing coronavirus the zoning officer will be working from a different location starting March 26th and will continue until further notice. Both building and zoning applications are available on line at www.fairviewluzerne.com. You may also request applications by calling 570-474-9676 and asking the secretary for the application that you require. She will place the requested application in an envelope and place it in the mail box outside next to the front door. Once completed you could either drop it off at the Municipal building in the same envelope and place in the mail box, or you may email it to the zoning officer at ftwpdodd@fairviewtwp.com. You will be notified when your permit is ready. If you have any questions, please call the zoning officer at 570-233-6156 during normal working hours which are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am till 11 am and Tuesday evening only from 6 pm till 7 pm. or email your question to the zoning officer’s email.
Thank you for your understanding during these stressful times.

Municipal Building Admittance

Due to the coronavirus there will be no public admittance to the municipal building for the next two weeks. If you have anything to drop off for the secretary, police, zoning officer, or road department, please leave it in the mailbox outside the front door.If you need to reach the police department, please telephone them at 570-474-9676 and they will advise you accordingly.If you are waiting for a permit from the zoning officer, he will call you and advise you of the status of your submitted application and the procedure for a new building and or zoning application. Any questions you may have they will need to be answered by a phone call to this office at 570-474-9676 and or by email a ftwpdodd@fairviewtwp.com.

Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.

Fairview Township Supervisors


Please be advised that some of Fairview Townships ordinances have been amended and are not reflected within the ordinance on line. Please check with the zoning officer before you engage in any construction and or adding any accessory structure to your property.